Atheras Chapter #12 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[Ikaria island]

Saturday, March 10, 2001

Welcome to Chapter Atheras - the Philadelphia chapter

Welcome to Chapter Atheras - the Philadelphia chapter of the Pan Icarian Brotherhood of America. We welcome all Icarians in the Delaware Valley area to join our club. We meet monthly and our cluhouse, located at 6621 Westfield Avenue in Pennsauken, NJ is open every Friday night for coffee and friendship. If anyone is interested in visiting or wants to stop by while in the Philadelphia area, kindly contact George G.Horiates at (856) 662-7578 or by e-mail at

We take this opportunity to thank all of you who offered your thought, prayers and support of our Margarita over the past year. It is great to know that the Icarian spirit was so evident in your words of encouragement on her web page. Further updates can be found at

We thank Lychnos for a great convention as a rather large contingent of Philadelphia Icarians were in attendance. We are looking forward to New York and look forward to one year soon bringing the convention back to Atheras either in Philadelphia or Atlantic City.

On Saturday, February 24, 2001, we hosted our annual Icarian dance. The event was attended by approximately 500 people. Our master chef, Dimitrios Markakis, served prime rib and the food was excellent. Also, we wish to thank all the "out-of-towners" that came by to support us, including the substantial throng of Icarians from New York and Baltimore.

In April, we are going to be visited by President Batuyios on April 22, 2001. Give us a call if you plan on being in Philly.

In May we will be having a party on each Saturday at our clubhouse. It's actually designed to get us their to do some spring cleaning.

We wish everyone a joyous Easter and look forward to seeing you in New York on Labor Day weekend.