Helios Chapter #19, Clearwater, Florida [Icarian Sun]

Host of the 2006 Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Convention.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chapter Helios Agias Marina's Picnic

Thanks to all members who came out to Anderson Park on Saturday, July 19 for our chapter picnic. It was a beautiful summer day with a nice breeze and great view of Lake Tarpon. Members enjoyed a picnic lunch and a chance to catch up on everyone's summer activities. We all had an enjoyable afternoon and spoke about gathering again in one of the area's many county parks for a future meeting .
James & Pres. Stan enjoy a round of "Big Easy Fun".

Longtime members Fran Glaros and Stella Thomas pose with Fran's book of
thank you's from the many U.S. servicemen and women she sends care packages to overseas.