Helios Chapter #19, Clearwater, Florida [Icarian Sun]

Host of the 2006 Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Convention.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter Helios Winter Glendi

Chapter Helios hosted our Winter Glendi on Saturday, January 16th. It was a great evening with many of our attendees traveling from all over the US! We had a very busy weekend as our chapter also hosted a golf outing, the Supreme Lodge meeting and the annual Youth Conference. The Youth Conference included a meet and greet event on Friday night, Ikarian cooking demonstrations on Saturday afternoon followed by a meeting and a few rounds of Ikarian Jeopardy. These were all successful events.
Peter Karnavas entertained us on his magical violi and kept us dancing all night. The youth showed their true spirit by dancing until 2 am before they all headed back to Shephard's Resort on Clearwater beach where the conference was held earlier that day. Thanks to all who helped to organize all of the events of the weekend! (click photos to enlarge image)